Dear Amy:

We could not have had so much success this week without your endless energy and creativity and contacts! Thank you so much!

Jon, Kim, Justin & Jessica Biel


Thank you for letting me be a part of it. (Superheroes for Kids)

Mark Cuban
Billionaire entrepreneur, “Shark Tank” investor and owner of the “Dallas Mavericks”


Thank you so much!!! I LOVE THIS!! AMAZING! (Superheroes for Kids)

LJ Mackowka,
assistant to Nick Cannon, “America’s Got Talent”


It was a pleasure.
Thank you.
Clark Gregg

star of ABC’s hit show “AGENTS of S.H.I.E.LD.”


This is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen!

Nate is ADORABLE and Jason, you are a true professional!
So great!! (Superheroes for Kids)

Anderson PR


Beyond cute

Great job, darlin’. (Superheroes for Kids)

Much love,
Jason George, “Grey’s Anatomy”


Amy and Scott!

We love you so much! Your love for our kids is so incredible and we are so blessed to have your support of CMN Hospitals!

I know you guys killed yourself putting this together but your hard work paid off and to quote Nate this morning “It was the best day of his life”.

Thank you again!!!
Kelli Davis
Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals


Amy & Scott,

You two are amazing!!! Thank you so much for everything you all have done for us and and the other families! We absolutely love the videos and Angelica had a great time filming them. From the script writing, to the rehearsals, directing, and post production, you guys did an amazing job all around keeping it creative and fun for Angelica and the others while producing something very cool! So happy that we had the opportunity to participate in this with you all!

All the best! (Superheroes for Kids)
James, Eva, & Angelica Hale


Nate really didn’t want to start heading home today.
You sure have made his week so very magical and given us all amazing memories that will last a lifetime!
It makes me tear up to think of all the hard work you and Scott have done to make all this happen for these kids.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. (Superheroes for Kids)

Amber Ferrell
Mom of Miracle Kid Nathan Ferrell


The event was AMAZING! It came together so well and the feedback I heard from families was really positive. Really, you guys knocked it out of the park. Kudos


Julie Blair
Social Media Director,

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals


Scott & Amy:

Thank you guys so so much for the wonderful experience yesterday. I am touched by every child and their stories.
Thank you for being an amazing and talented duo!!! The shoot was so much fun.

Michael Maples
Crown Pointe Productions


Hi Amy!

Great to meet you yesterday!

Loved the event. Extremely well organized, well executed, and creative. Hope to work with you again sometime.

Josh Sundquist
author, motivational speaker, Paralympic skier, & CMN ambassador


I’m so happy we were able to be there.
I love the cause and everything you guys put on is amazing.
I hope to see you at another upcoming event!
Let us know if there is anything we can do in the meantime to support CMN.

Casey Woodruff
Marketing Director,

SUJA juice


As usual, Amy, Scott, & their team were amazing.

It is our pleasure to be involved in such a wonderful & meaningful event.

Warmest regards,

Jen Bayless



You are truly amazing in all you do.

Matt Sorum, Drummer
Guns N Roses and Velvet Revolver



You were terrific, extremely prepared, and made my life easy, I like that. Plus, the iiJin boots were a big hit. Thanks so much for your contribution to the show. Nice to meet your husband and see you both in action, what a team!

Talk soon,
Sharon-Levin Grabow Producer – “EXTRA”



It’s hard to believe you gave birth right in the middle of planning! Even from your hospital bed you never stopped!! You took full charge and delivered top quality entertainment, and put our performers front and center with the media. Thank you for being such a champion to our cause, your enthusiasm was felt and Life Changing Lives has been established in the media as a real force for change!!

Mindy Stearns
Co-Founder of Life Changing Lives



You’re the hardest working woman in LA!

Maryum Ali
Muhammad Ali’s daughter


Dear LCL Team –

Mindy and I have never been more proud of our Life Changing Lives event. The results were better than anything we could have ever imagined. It was a BIG production and we are really proud of everyone’s involvement. We couldn’t be happier with the team we had and everyone working together. We ended up with the right team! By that we mean we had Greg, Susan, John, Laurie, Ruthie, Charlene, Mike, Amy, Marti and Keely – all of you stepping up and coming together for an amazing evening. Everyone should feel proud of themselves for taking part in something bigger than ourselves. It’s not just about the charities, but the group and how each of you incredibly talented individuals do what you do and are the best at what you do! Thank you for your involvement and for being a HUGE part of our lives. We couldn’t have done it without all of you!

Glenn Stearns
Co-Founder of Life Changing Lives



It was really amazing. I loved the event–it was really moving. Such a cool cause and the event was really modern, cool and very unique.

Chris Mann
Recording artist


Hi Amy,

Let me please say that it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you all and to attend the events that you organize. Top notch all the way! It’s so refreshing to collaborate with awesome people!


Stephanie Wright
Pretzel Crisps
Area Marketing Manager-LA


Hi Amy,

I want to thank you for all the helps you gave us in L.A and for all the connections you made for us. We kept up with many of them as we moved forward. It has been a long journey and things are starting to pay off. We always wanted an outlet for this film to reach a broad audience and that is coming to fruition. You helped us immensely Amy and I owe you deep gratitude and appreciation.

Have a wonderful holiday and I hope we can connect soon on another project.

All the best,

Ray Ellis
Director, “Certain Proof”
Footpath Pictures, Inc.



Thank you so much for taking care of us. It was a wonderful event. We had a great time. Cheers!

Lorena Garcia,(celebrity chef)


Thank you very much Amy…

Continued success in all that you do. Appreciate your having Lorena be a part of this amazing event and program.

Harriet, celebrity chef Lorena Garcia’s manager



Thanks so much for the shoes! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them so much and appreciate everything tons and tons!! You’re awesome!!

Love, xx
Sharni Vinson, star of “Step Up 3D”



Thanks so much for all you did to make the event a success! We couldn’t have pulled it off without you!

Wendy Guillies, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation


Hi Amy!

Thank you again for having me last night. I was really moved by the speakers and presenters and was so happy to be a part of it. My eyes have really been opened to the rare disease community. I also want to say that it was one of the most organized and efficient red (I mean blue!) carpets I’ve done since The Voice. So Kudos!!

xoxo, Katrina Parker, recording artist



You are sooooo AWESOME. You’re able to do huge, high-visibility events while maintaining the utmost in integrity and transparency. This is unheard of in this town. YOU certainly deserve to succeed.

Robert Spence, CEO of MC Casino Entertainment



Rather than send you 42 small emails each time you send through one more fabulous bit of press coverage, I thought I would send one big CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You know that I know how hard it is to get coverage for an event like this at the best of times, so this is fantastic! Please let me know at what point you want me to let the others know what “rabbits” you pulled out of hats to make this happen. Congratulations again!!

Marti Bear, Fortune Entertainment


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Last night was a remarkable event and is without exaggeration, a testament to your professionalism, flexibility and passion for our organization. We are truly grateful to have partnered with In 2 It Media & MTDN! We look forward to working with both again very soon!

Denise Bayles and The Children’s Miracle Network Team



I wanted to thank you for the pictures, but most importantly, I wanted to thank you so much for inviting us to the event. It was a night I will never forget. The event was first class. The entertainment was excellent. All in all, fantastic!

Nestor Serrano, Star of “24”, “The Day After Tomorrow” & “Secretariat”



THANK YOU so much for all the hard work you put into the events – you really worked your tail off and it showed. Thank you for caring so much and doing such a great job.

Chris Hempel, Global Genes Project


Well done! I had a blast.

Thanks, Amy!

Dean Cain, Actor


Hey Amy!

Really appreciate you letting me be part of such a cool event, it was a blast!! Many thanks again for an amazing time!


Layla Kayleigh-Covino, Co-host of MTV’s “Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew”



Thanks so much for these amazing photos!! I love them and had so much fun! You’re extrodinary and did a great job getting the fashion show together!! It was a show stopper!! Best, Sharni xx

Sharni Vinson, star of “Step Up 3D”


Hey Amy,

Thanks for your help putting it all together. Everyone had a great time! Let me know if you need anything in the future!

Lizzie Hardy, Manager to Lee DeWyze – “American Idol” Season 9 Winner, 19 Entertainment”


Hi Amy,

I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done to help with this event! You’ve done so much to help make it a success. I’m very excited about the VIPs who are attending and am very grateful for their time and interest….and their attendance would not be possible without all you’ve done. Thanks Amy. You’re the best!

Ray Ellis, Director of the documentary “Certain Proof: A Question of Worth.”



Just wanted to thank you so very much for the invite to your fabulous event…. I attend several events a week and few are actual ‘experiences’. Really proud of you Amy!!! Again, Amy thanks you so much for the invite. The event was just so classy, fun and memorable!

Travis Snyder, Spark Studios


Dear Amy:

Thank you for partnering with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in the recent TONY’S “Night of Hope.” We are deeply grateful for your willingness to go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of children.

With your help, TONY’S “Night of Hope” raised over $20,000 for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles! This amazing event would not have been possible without your generous support. We appreciate your willingness to be our Ambassador and motivate your friends and colleagues to show them how their contributions can literally translate into saving young lives. Your tireless effort in supporting our cause and organizing the event benefitting our hospital is most appreciated and we are grateful for your dedication to the mission of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Thank you again for your contribution of time and resources. You efforts are a wonderful demonstration of your commitment and passion for the advancement of pediatric care here and beyond.

Warmest regards,

Denise Bayles
Assistant Vice President
Children’s Miracle Network & Major Gifts
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles


Hi Amy,
You are the best PR lady we’ve ever worked with.
Thank you so much for all the helpful information and those wonderful photos from the MTDN Holiday Party.

Thank you so much!
Best Regards,

Lily More, Legacy Entertainment



The words Wow! Wow! Wow! come to mind.

This is a wonderful addition to the event.

Triple BRAVO!!!

Kirk Sullivan, Public Relations and Marketing Director Stearns™



This was my all-time favorite number from all of the “So You Think You Can Dance” seasons. Way to go, Amy!

Keely S. Berg, Executive Assistant to Mr. Glenn Stearns, Chairman Stearns™


Hello Amy,

It was a pleasure meeting you and your husband. We wanted to thank you again for a beautiful evening last night. Betty and I along with Eileen and Michael had a great time. Eileen and Michael kept talking about how neat it was to sing live with Traffic Jamm.

We understand from Joanne the event raised almost $60,000. That’s great. As parents of a CHLA patient, thank you for putting together this wonderful event. As you and your husband will find out in a couple of weeks, children are the greatest love of all. Again, thank you for your hospitality and support for CHLA.


Carlos & Betty Garrido


Hi Amy,

Thanks again for including us in terrific event! There was so much great energy and we really appreciate the thought of us.

Thank you again for an incredible event and your deep concern and passion!
Joanne Reyes, Director, Children’s Miracle Network

Amy actually played a very significant roll in helping our book hit the NY Times Best Sellers List a few years back. She put together and managed our Summer of Success Tour.

Jennifer Kushell, CEO of Young & Successful Network



Thank you so much for all the press and updates. I recorded our E! News spot. So cool!

That pic of Zac and I is so great!

You really outdid yourself. Thanks again. Look forward to working with you in the future. 😉
Emily Hobson
Regional Chair for the LA Chapter of I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation


Good afternoon Amy,

I hope you’re enjoying this fab day in LA!

I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for allowing us to be a part of such a fantastic event on Tuesday. The venue looked amazing!

We hope to have an opportunity to work with you again in the future!

All my best,

Shar Martin
Director, Special Events & VIP Service SPOT 5750



You’re a doll! Greener pup would LOVE to be part of ANY event YOU are part of! You’ve been a class act from day one. 🙂

Kari Whitman, Greener Pup, LLC


Amy –

I heard only amazing feedback from my team about how amazing and successful last night’s event was. I missed the 8:30pm E! News here but asked a West Coast friend to TiVo it for me and send it over.

Stacey also said she truly enjoyed meeting you.

Rock on!

Matthew Zachary, Founder of I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation


Hey Amy!
Mario here from the PAPERMATE$. On behalf of myself and our team, I just wanted to personally thank you for everything. You guys did an amazing job with the event. It was truly a pleasure to work with you and be a part of the evening and the cause. The press content is great and very much appreciated. Thank you so much.



Good afternoon,

Let me be the first person to tell you that last night’s event was amazing. A lot of really positive feedback from guests and employees. You did a great job. Please keep us in mind for any future events and you have my contact info if you ever just want to come in and visit. Thank you for everything!

Billy Rogers, Managing Partner Spot 5750


Dear Amy,

Thank you so much. It was an incredible honor to participate in an event (2011 Life Changing Lives Gala) of such magnitude.

Firefighter & Paramedic, Humberto Agurcia


Hi Amy!

Thank you so much again for letting us host your STOMP Out Bullying event. You were truly such a wonderful pleasure to work with.

Amanda Slavin
Event Director
The Ainsworth
Paige Management Group


To my guardian angel,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are truly amazing!!!

Big hugs and much gratitude,


Ross Ellis
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Love Our Children USA


Hi Amy:

It was a pleasure working with you again this year!!!!!

I look forward to working with you in the future!

Your enthusiasm is infectious and your work ethic obvious!

Many thanks!


Peggy Callahan
Co-founder, Executive Producer of the Freedom Awards
Free the Slaves


Thank you so much, Amy!

All of our clients thoroughly enjoyed the AfterParty and took advantage of your very well organized Red Carpet. Great work to you and all your team!

Kathryn Boole, Studio Talent Group


Please tell Amy that I had a wonderful time and thank her for including me. It was a fabulous event.

Kate Linder, star of “The Young & The Restless”


Just a note to say congratulations on a great press event!

Lynda Simonetti
Director of Public Relations
The Beverly Hilton



I just wanted to express my thanks to the both of you for having us participate in your event this evening. I know you had a tremendous amount on your plate and the detail and effort that you put forth in making Elliott’s entire camp as comfortable as possible did not go unnoticed.
We appreciate the invite, were glad that you were able to raise so much for such a worthy cause, and look forward to working with you on future events in the months ahead.

Please do not hesitate to reach out for any reason.

Warm Regards,

Mark Gorlick
The Collective – Elliott Yamin’s manager



You have such a great heart! Thank you for putting that all together last night! The event was wonderful in every way! The auctions, the dinner, the performances, the red carpet, the gift suite, the live Oscar feed, the entertainment, everything!

Gloria Garayua – “Grey’s Anatomy”


You put on a fabulous event and I appreciate you inviting us to be a part of it!!

Todd Michael Krim, JD, MPH
President, Reality Cares



You are such a pleasure! I hope that we are able to work together again soon.

Please keep in touch!!


Emma Suttles
Event Director
Avalon Hollywood


Awesome job last night! Thank you so much!

Bari Baumgardner
SAGE Event Management